HD Demolition

HD Demolition is highly specialized in specific and complex demolition activities in both national and international. No matter how high or extremely deep these projects are, with our specialized machines and extensive experience we can complete your challenging projects in a time and cost effective way. HD Demolition acts either as contractor or as subcontractor

Experienced gained in the demolition branch, wreck removal and the development and construction of special adepted machines have highly contributes in the growth of HD Demolition and the exploration of new international markets. This has resulted in the devision of the activities in several specific segments in which we have specialised. These are:


Experienced demolition partner

Since the start HD Demolition has successfully complete numerous, national and international, complex demolition projects and worked as subcontracter.

HD Demolition is grown into a specialist and reliable partner for your demolition projects because of:

- Specialized machines

- Expertise in Demolition engineering

- Extensive project execution experience

- Development of safety software

- Innovative project approach


Interested in a real specialist and experienced demolition partner or for further information about demolition projects you can 24/7 contact HD Demolition:

Telephone: +31 (0)224 85 53 48 || +31 6 5338 7845

E-mail: info@hddemolition.com

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